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If no one ever heard all the things I couldn’t say
I would take them to the mountain top and send them with the wind.
If no one ever heard all things I couldn’t say
I would scream them in my dreams so that one day, when I’m far away
Maybe you’d wake up and hear them.
If no one ever heard all the things I couldn't say
I would open my eyes and look at you that way.
That way you always looked at me when I looked somewhere else.
That way you always wouldn't say the things I couldn’t say
And I would know.
I would know no words exist to save me from myself,
I would feel no safety in a world where you save me.
It was a secret life led somewhere in my mind, where you said you wanted me to stay
The only time you ever told me all the things I couldn’t say.
The only reason I would run away.
To the world, to the wild, to time on its course
To reveries left in the sky where they belong.
To the cold that comes now you don't look at me that way
And no one ever knowing what those stars mean above.
If no one ever heard all the things I couldn’t say
I'd take my heart to a grave full of perfect love.



Was sitting on cloud nine one time,
Talking to a bird, asking him if this could really all be mine.
It was fine, he said, you can have everything you see,
So I looked down and saw you.
Staring at me.
Peeling layer after layer off my soft silk skin,
Penetrating the borders of what lies within.
Those eyes.
Dropped me from my cloud and into the sea,
And there you were, in the dark,
Staring at me.
But why am I still falling?
If your hand was to hold me and save me from myself,
Then why am I still drowning?
If the world blew up
And all that was left was just the two of us
Then why would that still not be enough?
Why would you join me in my cold dark
And suffer the losses of a frozen heart?
Why would you open up the box
Go to bat for a lost cause,
When I see all that never could be, on the other side,
Every time I look into those eyes.
I still had hopes for us.
I had a cloud waiting with your name, just cause.
I only know how the story goes when there's me,
And no one else there to set me free.
But I looked into those eyes just to see
What never could be.
I was scrambling to you, searching for the light,
Trying to reach you, as you slither from my fingers
And drop to the ground, then it all goes black.
For the record, your honor, I didn't hold anything back.



There are souls on fire
And hearts that demise in their flames.
My soul is a soul on fire.
But rebuilt in steel,
My heart was molded by fire and flame,
imply to fit its name.


I call out in the dark but no one can hear me. 
Maybe cause my desperate scream is silent
With the shame I feel for wanting you near me. 
I picked the berry off the fruit pie we ate, 
But it's moldy in my mouth now, 
All this time gone by. 
I still keep your rusty spurs
From the first time you fell off, 
Back when we were young, wondrous and wry. 
I still keep your card in a box
Of taunting memories under the bed. 
Holding on to something you once said. 
Am I a fool for wanting something
I know is bad for me? 
I know you can never heal me
When you are not whole yourself. 
But even so.. there's nobody else. 
My comfort, 
My other half who knows me too well. 
My curse. My story I can't bear to tell. 
Why can't you be good for me? 
Want me for me, not for who you want me to be. 
I cannot be your chew toy, 
Nor your well behaved arm decoration. 
Or just a stop on the way
To your indefinite destination. 
Love me. 
Love me like you know you'll never let me go. 
So that my silent screams won't disappear
In the dark no more. 
So that I also know. 
Let me run wild around you, 
So you can try to tame me. 
But don't lock me up and throw away the key
When you know I need to be free. 
I need to be free for you to love me, 
Free from your power upon me, to be
Cause the memories of your deeds
Imprison my mind in constant misery. 
I end up losing my mind, 
With no rhyme or reason, 
Running wild like the buck
You like to chase and shove. 
I end up a simple fool for love.


You are my fire. 
Like the first light after a moonless night, 
Born of some terrible storm. 
Like the crackling in the dark
Erupting with sparks, 
But lends you peace and keeps you warm. 
A fire I never knew before I felt it. 
So I stood in the flame and let it have me, 
Frozen, with addiction to the smoldering heat, 
In fear of losing what I should have left be. 
And I let it consume me. 
A conflagration with no consideration for easy. 
So strike the match, set off what's left; 
My last bit of innocence along with the rest, 
And watch your love burn to a beautiful death.