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What is love
But an immeasurable moment captured in eternity.
Where time stands still.
Where the world feels closer, yet somehow so far away that no one else is near.
Where I can hold you for a thousand moments, yet somehow never have enough. 
Never feel enough.
Never know enough to satisfy my knowing you.
What is love
But a fleeting notion that never fades away.
A hold of your heart that never lets go.
Where the world stops spinning, yet somehow I still move forward with you.
Where all thought dissipates, yet somehow you still linger.
What is love
But a dream I wake up from and wish you could remember.



There’s a path in these woods where no one ever goes
There’s a path waiting simply just for you.
It’s hard to find. It goes mostly unnoticed. 
These thistles and thorns just might change your mind, 
It’s such a steep climb all the way to the top. 
But here, my love, there is no one else. 
Just the silence waiting for the wind.
A meadow of wildflowers waiting for the rain.
The rain that lands in just the right place, the right way,
The rain that soothes with nothing to say
The rain that touches my neck only as you do.
Solely your soul stands at the heart of my heart, 
Solely your hands fought their way through,
There’s a path waiting right here my love,
A path waiting simply just for you.



There’s a narrow path where I’ve never walked
Into the woods, through the meadow,
Between the trees where the light streaks,
Like golden stars that dance across my face.
There’s a space there that I’ve never seen
Told of in fairytales, 
Never did I know it could lead here, to this place.
There’s a moment. 
If I stand still. 
I can feel all the things that must feel like magic
I can hear you whisper it all in my ear,
I can breathe the warmth of the air that you breathe
And forget this isn’t real.



Only in secret, by the light that goes out
When the breeze of your hand touching mine whispers through the cold.
Only by the fire that burns when you come too close
And flickers like stars to guide me home.
Only deep in my soul where the dark things stir,
Just above the bottom where everything ends.
Only in secret, lost somewhere in the grass, under the rain,
Can I taste the sweetness of how it would feel to feel what you feel, 
It was life as a dream waiting in the night. 
It was before the tip of my tongue went numb.



Don't be afraid of the water.
Dip your toe and drift into the sunset,
Imagining new worlds where it's all waiting.
Hold your breath. Don't try to fight it.
Don't resist if you're going to drown.
Don't be afraid of the water.
Ride the wave and let it release you,
In ways you never knew lay beyond the beyond.
Don't be afraid of the water.
Dip your toe and drift into the sunset,
Take a breath. Let it in.
At least all that made it worth the trip down.



If no one ever heard all the things I couldn’t say
I would take them to the mountain top and send them with the wind.
If no one ever heard all things I couldn’t say
I would scream them in my dreams so that one day, when I’m far away
Maybe you’d wake up and hear them.
If no one ever heard all the things I couldn't say
I would open my eyes and look at you that way.
That way you always looked at me when I looked somewhere else.
That way you always wouldn't say the things I couldn’t say
And I would know.
I would know no words exist to save me from myself,
I would feel no safety in a world where you save me.
It was a secret life led somewhere in my mind, where you said you wanted me to stay
The only time you ever told me all the things I couldn’t say.
The only reason I would run away.
To the world, to the wild, to time on its course
To reveries left in the sky where they belong.
To the cold that comes now you don't look at me that way
And no one ever knowing what those stars mean above.
If no one ever heard all the things I couldn’t say
I'd take my heart to a grave full of perfect love.


They curve from the crevice of my neck
All the way down to the small of my back
Where everything is sweet and love
And the breeze blows a shiver through my spine.
They grasp firmly on as the storm lands,
Never unsure of their purpose,
Never stranded in the tempest.
They do not waiver, they do not stray.
They wander and get lost, somehow always the right way.
No one knows me like they do,
Every single little part of me I never even knew I had.
They speak to me.
A secret language no one but me understands,
A secret conversation for just me and your hands.




What was I to you, if not a fantasy waiting to indulge?
If not a misfit solution to a life half lived.
What was I, if not a figment of your imagination.
A heart too full of fire, a soul one thousand years too old.
It's okay. I understand.
The dream fades and crashes and dies and it hurts every time you land.
It's okay. I know.
I indulge.
But then there goes my fantasy, pure and sweet, tangibly waiting for me,
As it wills, my dear love, I do have to go.



There is life in the secret whispers I hear, laying in the dark.
You send them to me, your indestructible energy,
Piercing the fragile pieces of my heart.
You who's known me from womb,
A love unconditional, is my definition of you.
There are words that can't be found
So there must not be words enough.
They keep me up at night,
Staring on the faded eggshell that encompasses me.
I wonder if it was all black would I feel more free.
Less like a trapped bird, fluttering its wings at maximum speed,
Trying and trying and trying, oh but I'm so tired of trying
To make it all the way back to you.
Then I feel it again, there in the dark.
The breeze. The breeze that carries those whispers across an ocean,
Gaining, fueling with every wave, finally reaching my heart.
My tears deceive me. Never expectedly. They come and tear me beyond mercy.
I have learned not to feel. I have felt a lot.
I now see all the things left to feel, I now taste all the tears that will never stop.
I now hear the whispers, bringing me back from beyond the beyond
To make it up with love.



Was sitting on cloud nine one time,
Talking to a bird, asking him if this could really all be mine.
It was fine, he said, you can have everything you see,
So I looked down and saw you.
Staring at me.
Peeling layer after layer off my soft silk skin,
Penetrating the borders of what lies within.
Those eyes.
Dropped me from my cloud and into the sea,
And there you were, in the dark,
Staring at me.
But why am I still falling?
If your hand was to hold me and save me from myself,
Then why am I still drowning?
If the world blew up
And all that was left was just the two of us
Then why would that still not be enough?
Why would you join me in my cold dark
And suffer the losses of a frozen heart?
Why would you open up the box
Go to bat for a lost cause,
When I see all that never could be, on the other side,
Every time I look into those eyes.
I still had hopes for us.
I had a cloud waiting with your name, just cause.
I only know how the story goes when there's me,
And no one else there to set me free.
But I looked into those eyes just to see
What never could be.
I was scrambling to you, searching for the light,
Trying to reach you, as you slither from my fingers
And drop to the ground, then it all goes black.
For the record, your honor, I didn't hold anything back.



Like the wind, flat against my face,
Forcing tears from their creases,
Disguised to be simply a rush of delight,
Harboring all things I fear in the night.
Like rain, singing to me in the thicket of trees,
Deep where nothing else sounds like it matters,
Soaking me in its will to be.
Where I have wings, where death is close,
Where life is real, where I am the most.
I surrender fully to the moment at hand,
Ready to stand, ready to fly.
Ready for another ride.



I savor little pieces of his heart
That he hides in plain sight,
To him holding all of the unknown of what's to be.
To me, tasting like a dream that existed in memories
Long forgotten,
Reminding me that there is only now.
The right now. An illusion waiting to indulge
Before it sets me free.
So simple as lending the tip of my tongue
And give in to the fantasy.



My soul crumbles in bits of flaying flesh.
Illuminated by the torch you carried
Once walking me home, now to my death.
A flame lit for the beginning of the end.
For the love lost, for fear no one can comprehend.
Tear me to bits in the cover of dark
Let me combust for your fragile heart
As I become an unequivocal equation without end:
To ashes you bid me, from ashes, I rise again.
Only ever stronger, built to resist.
As you fade to darkness, full of cold madness,
Sinking, choking, drowning in simple love
Destined to simply exist.



If I had seen the madness that would
Become me so well,
Would I have ventured past the safe havens
Of perfectly content,
To be numbed with too much to not do,
Too many stories to never tell.
There is a place deep inside where it is all easier.
But there, the dream dies.
And only in my dream do good things come from
The way you look at me with those eyes,




But what is there really left to love in the heart of a total conflagration.
When I look in the blaze and everything melts and my hand finds no grasp to save you from the fire.
I know, it was all in vain.
And I also know, from the ashes, it comes back again.
Which way do you stand when the wind turns?
I'll wait for you where everything burns.



Down. Down. 
Way down we  go.
Deep in the dark waters, diving to what we don't know.
There is no light but the light from within,
There is no up or down, no fleeting sound but the sound of my heart,
Searching for a place to give in.
And there, in the black masses, a light flickers back.
A pure, white gleam, the safety I lack.
I push further down, push to find it before I drown,
Before the current takes my last breath
And fills me with troubles of the past,
Before the masses get me, I grasp.
My hand safely finds the soft edges of your shell.
My lips pry it open, whispering secrets I could never tell.
The white light blinds me, its rare breed saves me from the black.
I hold it, keep it, care for it, saving it right back.
Off to the surface, back to be a different kind of girl,
With a heart that holds together for the treasure of a rare and magic pearl.



Where go the shattered pieces of a heart
Retrieved from the crumbling dust as the masters blow up the world.
Where goes the body of the new soul yet to see winter turn from gold,
As we plow through the love, leaving no hope or hold.
Where goes the master of reckoning as the earth explodes in riveting revenge,
Leaving mother and lover and ruler and plunderer tossed to the unknown,
Deep in the dark, engulfing what we fought for and against.
They go with the hate you have in your heart,
They go with the love you fear in the dark,
With the rest of the strangers who hope to hope too.
They go with you.



We may stray on dark roads, 
Find ourselves drowning in the dirt, 
But help is always near
If you just let yourself be heard. 
Where you are soft, 
I will shield you from harm
When your fin is tired
I will lend you my arm. 
Your beauty is best
When you reveal your soul. 
Just trust me, just once, 
Have faith and just jump. 
And feel the tides changing
To finally give you what the universe has to unfold. 


I ran through the woods, away from the pain, 
Away from sad seasons I never wanna see again. 
The deep dark dissolved me, 
Didn't know up from my down. 
But a warm voice told me, 
Don’t be afraid of the darkness around. 
Here you can breathe and never pretend, 
Here you can hide from all the sad seasons, 
The darkness is your friend. 


In the dark, where only Heaven knows my name,
I give in to my troubles
And the scarlet threads of their searing pain.
I let the web have me and face death, 
Turn my ear to the wolf
And let him speak the secrets of his path
As I run myself into the ground.
He nuzzles me,
Warm and soft in the blistering black.
Hidden, solitary, reconstructing reality, 
I strengthen my back.
There is more to do, more to see, 
more to feel and more to be found.