She roars like the waterfall, 
She moves like the wild rivers flow. 
Her calm is like the forest lake, 
She rages like a tidal wave, 
Yet like the ocean, deep and undefeated, 
She holds secrets you’ll never know.


Is that the rain I hear
Knocking on my window?
Or is it the salt I taste
From the path it carves on my cheek,
Kissing the curve of my lip
Like tender drops of solitude.
The sound lets me dream up a fantasy
Where I am a better version of me.
But as my cheeks dry, I try,
For now, just to aspire to be.


Ran away from the world
And the aches it put my heart through. 
Get lost in the wild where wild things run free. 
I revel in the wide open space, 
In a vacuum of extremities I know my place
As it replicates my inner complexities. 
Hot and cold, beautiful and dangerous, 
A heart of rock cast from once liquid gold
In a soul a thousand years old. 
Trapped on earth, sequestered, bewildered, 
In search of freedom, finding only fear. 

So take me, lonely road, let the vacuum consume me, 
Burn me, starve me, crumble and mold me, 
Pure and viciously, in to; 
My stories still untold, 
To the courage for my destiny yet to unfold, 
Shatter the rock
And melt a path back to my heart of gold.


Are you man enough to unleash the beast
That you know will put up a fight? 
Are you man enough to march through the darkness
And knock down the door
To the place that stole all the light? 
Are you man enough to be a man
When a man means doing what's right? 
You can bruise me a 1000 times
And leave tokens of your sin on my skin, 
But a 1000 blows don't add up
To my one cataclysm within. 
Do I go down with this ship, 
Proud to stand my ground, 
To be strong, to resist? 
Or do I let you undo
What's been done
As you do me another one
With your generous lips, 
Your mouth mouthing gifts after gifts? 
Well. I guess I'll find out in this next kiss. 


He whispers to me as we lay in the dark. 
Unwillingly, reluctantly, 
I let him unravel the denied secrets of my heart.